Dewey Open

Tournament Rules

Dewey Open 2 Man Scramble

Each 2-Man team will be assigned to a Flight. There will be 3 flights. Each team's flight is determined by their Team Handicap. Teams are grouped from lowest to highest handicaps. For example, if we have 24 teams, there would be 3 Flights of 8 teams. Flight 1 would have the 8 lowest Team Handicaps, Flight 2 - the middle 8, Flight 3 - the highest 8.

If you don't have an individual handicap, the Dewey Open Committee will create one. The maximum handicap allowed is 30 per person. Each 2-Man Team receives a Team Handicap equal to 25% of the average of the two player's handicaps. For example, if player one is a 10 and player 2 is a 20, the Team Handicap will be 4 (.25 * ((10+20)/2))

Sudden Death Playoff

After all play is completed, the Lowest Net Team from each Flight and the team with the lowest Gross Score (for a total of 4 teams) will then play in a sudden-death playoff to determine the overall Dewey Open Champion and will receive the coveted Green Jackets.

Scramble Rules

- Both players tee off and then pick the best shot

- Both players then hit from that location

- The ball can moved within one club length of the best shot (except on the green), but no closer to hole

- You can not move out of the rough, sand trap or hazard with your one club length

- When you are on the green, you both putt from the marked spot. 

- Repeat this process until you hole out.

- All putts must be holed - no gimmees!

- There is no minimum number of drives per person.

- Final score is computed as Total Gross Score less your Team Handicap

- If there is a tie within a Flight, scorecards will be matched starting at the #1 handicap hole and working forward.  Posted team score for each hole will be compared until the first lowest.  If there is still a tie, then a coin toss will be used to determine the fight winner.

- If the low gross team is also a low net flight winner, the next lowest net score from that same flight will compete in the playoff representing that flight.


Playoff Rules

- Same format as 2-Man scramble except handicaps will be determined by playing off from the lowest team's handicap.  By way of example, if Low Gross winner is a 3, Flight A is a 4, Flight B is 6 and Flight C is 8, then Low Gross receives 0 strokes, A gets 1, B gets 2 and C gets 4.

- Handicap strokes will apply based on the playoff hole's handicap index.

- The order of playoff holes will be determined by the Toftrees Pro Staff.

- Low Gross Team, Flight A Winner, and Flight B Winner will be play from the same tee box used for the tournament. (White Tees at Toftreees)

- The Flight C Winner will play from the next closest tee box. (Gold Tees at Toftrees)

- Flight C Guest Putter: starting on the 2nd playoff hole, and then alternating every other hole thereafter that the C team is still alive, they may elect to have a guest putter for a 3rd putt.  Only available once on the hole - order is at their discretion. Eligible holes 2nd, 4th, and so on.